Film Grant

Webcinema has nonprofit 501(c)(3) status and as such offers a sponsorship program to individual filmmakers and emerging arts organizations.The Program provides fiscal sponsorship — enabling projects to pursue grants from government agencies, private foundations, individuals and corporations — as well as financial services and technical assistance. Projects of any size or scope involving film and/ or internet technologies as they relate to film are supported.Sponsorship provides the necessary organizational affiliation for funding. Sponsorship in no way influences the content or creative aspects of projects; ownership always remains with the artist. An administrative fee is charged on all moneys received. Other charges may apply for specific services. Please note that the Webinema sponsorship program does not itself fund projects but provides a conduit for individual filmmakers and companies without nonprofit status to receive funding from sources that limit their funding to nonprofit organizations.Projects are accepted on a continuing basis. We are extremely pleased to announce that our first grant was awarded in November 1997 to Stephen Schmidt to finish the post production on his film The King and Me.There are no deadlines for grants, no mininum or maxium limits to the amount awarded and absolutely no bureaucracy.