Webcinema Resource List

Webcinema Resource ListHere’s an ever-evolving index of useful and/or entertaining Net resources on the Film Industry, organized by category and compiled by the Webcinema membershipWebcinema Film SitesWebsites of our membersCasting ResourcesLinks valuable to those who cast and those who are cast.Film Production CompaniesA complete list of all the film production companies, both webcinema companies and non-membersFilm DistributionIf you’re looking for a distributor, foreign or abroad, studio or independent, this is a great starting point.Film FestivalsA complete list of film festivals, from Viper Fest to Cannes.Film Guilds and UnionsList of the various Guilds and Unions in the US Film Industry and Canada.The Grab Bag Film ResourcesVarious links to some interesting articles about the film industry, from box office reports to a screenplay rummage sales.